The London Film Awards proudly recognizes the Gold Lion Award for Best Short Film, Pale, directed by Matthew Charof. [...more]

Directed by Matthew Charof, in collaboration between m ss ng p eces and MIT Media Lab for the Knotty Objects Summit [...more]

"Let My Heart Break" is a captivatingly sad illustration of a love's end. In the Matthew Charof-directed visual [...more]

Editor Matthew Charof helps to bring the Tribeca Film Festival short documentary film to life. [...more]

The Times, directed by Matthew Charof, is one of the ten selected projects that represent a mix of genres ranging from comedy, drama, thriller to experimental.   [...more]

Animal Kingdom, directed by Matthew Charof, premiering below, finds the pair making the woods their home, dancing along wooded paths like two Lisbon sisters escaped from the pages of The Virgin Suicides to run free. [...more]

Daniel, a talented teenage trumpet player from the Lower East Side projects in New York, is grieving the death of his father when he comes across a dead police officer and steals his hat and his gun. The Times, directed by Matthew Charof [...more]

Matthew Charof crashes the party in short film adaptation, Firefly [...more]

Editor's Pick. Last week in Boston MIT Media Labs helds its first summit dedicated to design, Knotty Objects [...more]

This film produced for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and directed by Matthew Charof seeks to answer that question. [...more]

MIT Media Lab | Knotty Objects | Phone [...more]

Matthew Charof's, Let My Heart Break video, premieres [...more]

Diddy tweets Cheer Up music video directed by Matthew Charof. [...more]

Brooklyn Farmer explores the unique challenges facing Brooklyn Grange, a group of urban farmers who endeavor to run a commercially viable farm within the landscape of New York City. Cinematographer...Matthew Charof... [...more]

Matthew Charof direct's new video for Cheer Up by Skizzy Mars. [...more]

Pale, the cyclical short film premieres as part the 30 Under 30 selects this year. [...more]

“Firefly” is a Bonnie and Clyde type short story. [...more]

New York two-piece BEAU released this week the video for their newest single ‘Animal Kingdom’ [...more]